Located behind Lexington Medical Center off of Route 378 in West Columbia, SC, Lexington Commons is a community of 96 Duplex Town Homes in a secure, quiet setting.  It is truly a great place to live.

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Owners can now receive information about their HOA dues account by logging on to your Portal.  You can also pay your HOA dues on line.  Call us at 803-399-1995 and request that your portal be turned on.  You will receive an email inviting you to log in to your Portal and by inserting your checking information you will be able to pay your account on line.  

We have been having trouble with checks mailed to the 1250 Hulon Circle Address.  They are not getting through to us in the mail.  Please check to see if your check has cleared your bank if it is not posted to your account.  Send all checks to the address shown here.
2019 Budget is available under Members Information.  Call 803-730-7209 for the access code.
A Tenant at Lexington Commons called DHEC for a pool inspection.  As a result of this action, we are forced to move forward with major renovations to the pool or close it and fill it in.  A copy of the DHEC report is available under Members Information...  Thanks to the person who called DHEC as your action has changed our options in dealing with the pool!!!!!!  A copy of the DHEC report is published under Members Information.  The access code is the address number of the clubhouse.
We will have a contractor rebuilding the trash collection area this week.  Please bear with us while the construction is underway.  
Mailing Address:
    Lexington Commons Council of Co-Owners Inc.
    1905 Sunset Boulevard
    Suite E
    West Columbia, SC  29169